Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My little Pony

Recently I have been watching the back episodes of Toy break, as I have only been tuned in for the last 6ish months I wanted to do a bit of catch up on what’s been going on…

So I was watching Episode 54 and Ayleen talked about DIY My Little Pony’s by Hasbro…  I got excited so I clicked on over to see if they are still available and low and be hold prase the lord they are…. So here the link

These Pony’s are cheap too just $4.99 and are exactly the same as your standard My Little pony, and don’t worry lads if you really want one and think they are too girly, just butch em up with some guns or something. A cool addition to anyone’s Empire don’t you think

I think I’ll be grabbing some to use for some of my own customizing practice…

If you really like them and are short on customizing ideas, which I’m sure your not, but just in case pop on over to Mari Kasurinen deviant ART page for some inspiration and just to see some awesome custom pony’s like these guys below...

Thanks Ayleen and George for the heads up on these cool customizable figures.

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